More or less open - defined by licenses

Illustration by Emmi Kyytsönen / Karppi Design

Open access can be defined as the practice of providing open  on-line access to scientific articles.  As long as such publications are used only to seek information and sources are cited in accordance with responsible conduct of research, no licence is required for using the publication. However, when you wish to make copies of the publication, deposit it in the university repository or make it available to the general public, you must check the terms of use, i.e. the licence, to see whether the owner of the rights of the publication allows such usage. The permitted uses can be clearly  indicated with Creative Commons licences.

Open access may be viewed on Open Access Spectrum guide

The Open Access Spectrum  standardizes open access terminology in an easily understandable way, and shows a scale of open access publishing,   where openness may mean either a very extensive or a more limited possibility for reuse. Open access spectrum illustrates a nuanced continuum of more versus less open to enable users to compare and contrast different publications and policies.


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