Budgeting and research plan

Illustration by Emmi Kyytsönen / Karppi DesignWhen you have chosen the journals best suited for your research, find out about their open access policies. A good way to do this is checking the SHERPA/RoMEO service, but usually also the universities’ libraries are able to help you. For clear instructions on the use of SHERPA, see the Jyväskylä University site.

When the policies of the funding agency and those of the publisher are not in conflict, i.e. if the funding agency requires open access to the publication e.g. within 6 months and the publisher allows it, the route to use is to deposit and publish the article on the publication electronic archive used by your university or employer. This is Green Open Access.

Often however, the embargo period of the publisher is longer than that of the funding agency, in which case you have to use Gold Open Access. In gold open access, the publisher publishes the article immediately for all readers, and to cover the costs of publication an article processing charge is usually required. This article processing  charges or APC vary from a few hundred euros up to a few thousand euros, so you should check the charges in advance on the publication website. For example, see Springer Open.

Universities often have agreements with some publishers, whereby the university may pay for a portion of the costs or get a discount on the charges; you can find out more about the agreements from the library of your university.

The research funding agencies requiring or encouraging open access usually consider the associated costs as eligible project costs. It is sufficient to estimate the number of your publications and the related costs and in the appropriate item in the budget of your funding application. If you have not included them in the budget initially, the publishing costs have to be taken out of funds allocated to something else in the project or you will have to obtain additional funding to cover for them.

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